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AWRA e-Mentoring
Resource People, Issue 018 Summer 2017 - pages 44 - 47
KATIE-JEYN ROMEYN:  PROGRESSING FROM A junior administration role on a dusty South Australian mine to an executive position at ASX-listed resources company, St Barbara Limited, in just 10 years is an achievement many have found difficult to fathom...

Gold gender diversity debate challenges perceptions and system​
Gold Fields Media, Saturday, 2 December 2017
Last but not least, Career Acceleration Expert and Author Katie-Jeyn Romeyn drew on people power to affect change....

Gold gender diversity debate challenges perceptions and system
Gold Industry Group, 1 December 2017
“If we want a workplace that provides equal opportunity and is free of harassment and discrimination, we must step into our heroes journey and go forward in the face of adversity.... “Too often we choose to sweep gender inequality under the carpet. What if avoiding conversations that create change is what’s keeping us stuck?” Katie-Jeyn challenged...

Fix women or fix the system?
Mining News Net, 20 November 2017
However, Romeyn countered that 50:50 wasn't the same as zero harm given that organisations that had achieved gender parity still had reports of harassment and discrimination...

Stop Fixing Women
Catherine Fox - 2017 - pages 87 - 89
Some years ago, I was impressed to see a young woman, Katie-Jeyn Romeyn, accept an award from the WGEA for her work bridging the gender pay gap at listed gold mining company, St Barbara.  The results were outstanding.  Having interviewed Romeyn for my last book, I was interested in finding out whether she thought other sectors had begun to realise they needed to address the pay gap and how to go about it.

Bridging the gender pay divide
Resource People, Issue 010 Autumn 2015 - pages 10 - 11
Gold miner St Barbara has been recognised for its commitment to gender diversity largely through its success in bridging the gender pay divide..... Under former executive general manager, people and business services Katie-Jeyn Romeyn, St Barbara's leadership group developed and implemented a remuneration strategy that between 2007 and 2010 effectively cut the this pay divide in half...

Miners and big business still concerned they may have to pay for Federal Government's parental leave​
ABC Rural by Babs McHugh - 3 February 2015
Ms Romeyn said that in the last five years, in particular, she saw large developments in family-friendly work policies in mining.... 'And one of the keys to outperform and innovate, and win in business, is to embrace diversity'.

WGEA names 76 women's employers of choice
AMMA Resource Industry Employer Group - 18 November 2014
Helping to place St Barbara on the WGEA list of employers of choice is Katie-Jeyn Romeyn, the gold producer’s own pay equity expert who successfully reduced the pay gap between its male and female employees from 43% in 2007 to 11.4% in 2014.

Just one week to go - AWRA Forum features Employer of Choice St Barbara 
Posted by AMMA on Wednesday, 12 November 2014
Gold explorer St Barbara has been recognised as one of the 76 organisations to receive the inaugural WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation.  With St Barbara's own pay equity expert Katie-Jeyn Romeyn set to speak a the upcoming AWRA forum, this is one event you won't want to miss.

Breaking the divide
OUTthere Magazine, November 2014 - page 107 
Words by Darrell Croker
Katie-Jeyn Romeyn, executive general manager, people and business services, at St Barbara Limited, made some telling points about gender when she accepted a Western Australia Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CME) 2014 Women in Resources Award, earlier this year.

Women break into male-dominated mining
Bloomberg - 22 October 2014
Gold producer St Barbara's offer of additional parental leave is helping attract more women, said its executive general manager for people and business services, Katie-Jeyn Romeyn. The company has also reduced the salary gap.

7 myths about women and work
Catherine Fox - 2012 - pages 75 - 77
Goldminer St Barbara has brought in a range of new measures to attract and retain a resource that is worth its weight in gold - skilled people.....  With support of CEO Tim Lehany and the board, and under the guidance of human resources manager Katie-Jeyn Romeyn, the company has developed a diversity policy with measurable objectives and targets.