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Insights about Katie-Jeyn Romeyn


Melissa – State Manager – May 2018
After working with Katie-Jeyn for a second time I've really enjoyed her tailored approach and consistent ability to grow and accelerate me and my career from Team Lead to State Manager.  The program has exceptional value. 

Nicky – Art Director – February 2018
Working with Katie-Jeyn has been one of the most transformative professional experiences of my life and I have enjoyed every single second.

Tiffany – Senior HR Manager – January 2018
Katie-Jeyn Romeyn has a profound ability to help me (and others) connect to our true selves and learn how to be our best selves. The achievements I had whilst working with Katie-Jeyn were far beyond what I thought I could have achieved. Katie-Jeyn has an honesty about her that is beautiful and because of Katie-Jeyn's honesty, I could be honest too. Katie-Jeyn showed me how to strip back all the 'noise' and get to the raw and key point of an issue, and then from there, how to create positive change. I recommend Katie-Jeyn to everyone I meet, because we should all have the opportunity to have our best life.

Lincoln – Senior Manager Strategy and Performance  – January 2018
Katie-Jeyn was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  She provided me with deep insight into myself, and others, that helped me realise that I own my success, or my failure - it is entirely up to me how this plays out, anybody else is nothing more than a puppet in my show.  I now believe in myself, I am happier in life, not only work, and I look forward to what I will do with my future.  

Corinne – Manager Corporate Affairs – December 2017
As someone new to leading a team my engagement with Katie-Jeyn has had a profound impact on my effectiveness within the workplace and my key relationships in the business and has provided me with confidence and clarity around the value I bring to the business.

Alex – Non Exeuctive Director and Managing Director – November 2017
Katie-Jeyn helped me to prepare for some awesome board and consulting opportunity conversations at the ASX50 level, including practicing interviews and visualisation. Katie-Jeyn helped me to bring clarity to my value-proposition pitch and to have the courage to go for all the opportunities in front of me without second-guessing. Most importantly, Katie-Jeyn refilled my tank of self-belief and gave me tools to keep my tank full.

Kerrianne – Health Safety Environment & Quality Manager – November 2017
Before working with Katie-Jeyn I found my self being overlooked for roles despite being well qualified.  In four weeks Katie-Jeyn was able to transform my personal brand and my contract was extended from only 8 weeks to 8 months.  Then I secured my dream job, moved interstate and made peace with my past.   Wow, did I soar from this little mouse with no voice to a lion with a voice who now leads tool box meetings with ease to giving presentations to the members of the company board.  Now I am seen as an important leader in the Company I now work.  I am only too aware of the impact Katie-Jeyn has made on my life, the confidence to be me and so much more.

Melanie – Executive General Manager – October 2017
Katie-Jeyn was always there for me through a massive growth period in my career, when I was promoted to Executive General Manager.  She was available at any time that I needed to ask a question and had sound advice that enabled me to overcome the immediate challenges.  Then the work we did on my development meant those challenges are minuscule in the scheme of things now and don't even rate as important, I have moved on that much with her help.  I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have Katie-Jeyn coach me.

Andrew – Senior Analyst – April 2017
Before working with Katie-Jeyn, I found myself being overlooked for roles despite being well qualified. In six months Katie-Jeyn was able to transform my personal brand and interview technique. In my most recent job interview I was put forward as the "only" preferred candidate for final round interviews and secured the role! 

Dora – Manager – February 2017
I attended my first session with Katie-Jeyn not knowing what to expect and somewhat skeptical. My confidence was at an all time low and I was ready to throw in the towel at work. Having met her for the first time I immediately felt at ease to open up and share with her details about my professional goals and personal challenges. After the initial session, my mindset completely changed - my confidence soared, I have a more positive outlook (professionally and personally) and I have been tasked with more senior responsibilities and opportunities at work. I couldn't be happier and truly owe it to Katie-Jeyn. Her confidence and surety is truly contagious.

Catherine – Associate – November 2016
Katie-Jeyn is something else. She changes people's lives. Thank you for coaching me over the past year! It has been an amazing experience. I have become more confident and learnt so much about myself. I have reflected on past experiences and learnt to overcome them and now realise my potential!

Sara – Transformation Manager – October 2016
Katie-Jeyn has restored my confidence in who I am and how I operated in the workplace.  She has also given me the tools to enhance my unique style and qualities. Katie-Jeyn’s style has worked for me – she has been a great match for me as she understands what it is to be an ambitious woman.

Pam – Head of Reward & Benefits – October 2016
To me, the concept of an "executive coach" has become "trendy" over the last several years, so when a friend recommended I see one as I was entering a new chapter in my career, I was skeptical.  I didn't act on it for some months and neither would I have, had a different network contact not suggested it to me.  The benefits outlined were evident and I was encouraged to look at it as personal development.  I felt compelled and undertook some research.  There are many coaches and in the end I went with the recommendation of Katie-Jeyn.
My initial meeting with Katie-Jeyn was eye-opening, it was highly informative and she was immediately relatable to me.  She was genuine, she touched on some sensitive points and proved she was going to challenge me as well as help me attain this next level in my career.  
I've not looked back, I've been stretched, I've been challenged, I've been supported and I've been helped with obtaining clarity of how I carve out the best possible professional outcomes for myself.  It continues to be an incredible journey and the results impressive.  I have secured my ideal role and have an increased sense of certainty and clarity in terms of my 5-year goal.  Overall, I am really grateful and feel confident for the future.    

Melanie – Senior Manager – September 2016
Katie-Jeyn from Coach on Collins committed to coaching me prepare for a senior interview process for a senior role in a very short timeframe.  The outcome was remarkable in only two weeks, I had the ability to visualise what success looked like and actually believed it was achievable.  I would not have advanced in the process without Katie-Jeyn's coaching. 

Kirsty – Human Resources Leader – September 2016
Katie-Jeyn, in less than one hour, you directly guided me to identify THE challenge that has been holding me back for years. Without working with you, my problem would have grown and I would remain stuck. I now have clarity and with my action, I can and will change my life. You are amazing! Thank you. 

Catherine – Lawyer – July 2016
Katie-Jeyn has provided me with solutions and strategies to overcome a lifetime of fears!​ Now that I have overcome my fears, I have regained my confidence. This has resulted in a promotion and a significant increase in my salary. This would not have happened without Katie-Jeyn’s assistance.  I feel empowered, confident, assertive and excited for the future!  

Nicky – Senior Graphic Designer – June 2016
Katie-Jeyn Romeyn entered my life at exactly the right moment. I was lacking confidence to pursue my real career objectives. Her laser focus has helped me cut through my confusion and lack of clear direction.  Within two sessions I secured a short-term contract in a company whose working culture was an exact match to the collaborative, creative and inclusive work place I was seeking.  Within three months I was offered a twelve-month contract with a salary I had imagined would take two years to achieve.
Our sessions are filled with honesty and humour. I feel energised after each session with Katie-Jeyn. I can not express how grateful I am that she has helped me find my way to harness my own energy and power to manifest change. 

Toni – Project Manager – May 2016
I approached Katie-Jeyn from Coach on Collins because I felt that I needed some help in identifying the next step in my career and to help me to improve my confidence.  Since starting the program, I've made some significant breakthroughs in self-awareness and confidence. I'm now able to recognise and identify behaviours and patterns, and see the impact these have to my own self-esteem and career pathway. I've made some exciting changes in my career and have started on a pathway to better understanding my motivations.  I am finding the experience invaluable, and would absolutely recommend Katie-Jeyn to anyone looking to make changes and build their own success.

Sara – Financial Controller – May 2016
I wasn’t expecting so much change in one month! Within 4 weeks I was operating with more confidence and more significantly I was operating as me again, with confidence! My whole frame of reference has changed; my challenges are now my opportunities. Katie-Jeyn has a great ability to encourage you to enhance your natural leadership attributes and as a result I instantly commenced to see a tangible change in how others perceived me, the outcomes I was achieving and the opportunities that were coming my way.  I now feel confident and empowered to reach my goals and I am confident to do so with authentic leadership.

Val – General Manager – February 2016
Katie-Jeyn was terrific in helping me to see my potential and to address the barriers that I perceived in me achieving my career goals. The coaching sessions were targeted and challenged me to think differently. I was able to work through a number of areas with Katie-Jeyn facilitating me to take the journey and ultimately achieving my goals and dreams.

Thushari – Continuous Improvement Manager – January 2016
When I met Katie-Jeyn I was at a stage where I was stagnated in my career and struggling to find way out. Thanks to Katie-Jeyn  I made the decision to make my next career move as well as look after my family. My family and I are really happy that I made the move -  I enjoy my new role, my income increased and I look after my family more than ever now. 
If you are stuck or want to take your career to the next level and increase your income - contact Katie-Jeyn and she will help you achieve your goals.

Melissa – Team Leader (Energy Industry) – December 2015
Katie-Jeyn is an inspirational coach who just gets it.  She is the epitome of success, shown by her experience and uniqueness.  Katie-Jeyn practices what she preaches, which is refreshing as are her insights – highly recommended.  And, my results speak for themselves, my career accelerated to the next level much faster than I anticipated.


Anastasia Plischka – Vice Chair & Events Coordinator -  Women in Resources Victoria - March 2016
Katie-Jeyn’s real-life story helped our member’s understand the importance of disrupting the pay equity gap on an individual level and what it can mean to their future.  Challenging the status quo can be beneficial for all and those little changes made early on can have larger effects in the future.

Nell Wilson – General Manager - Women & Leadership Australia - September 2015
Katie-Jeyn Romeyn delivered a keynote at our Women & Leadership Australia Annual Symposium in 2015.  Katie-Jeyn’s presentation was engaging, research based and generous with regard to her tips and suggestions and wanting to support the audience in their learning and engagement around the gender pay gap.  Katie-Jeyn was very warmly received and we were delighted to support her and her organisation’s endeavours. 

Michelle Chafin – Project Manager - November 2014
Very inspirational presentation on how you have made a difference - well done!

Kelly May – Business Development - Novemer 2014
It was great to be inspired by your presentation and the progress you have made in the resource sector.

Improving Business Performance

Robert Rae – former non-executive director and remuneration committee chair of St Barbara Limited - May 2015
Mining is largely a male dominated industry. During the resources boom the Western Australian labour market was highly competitive.  Katie-Jeyn Romeyn (former Executive General Manager People and Business Services at St Barbara) was instrumental in identifying the commercial and strategic merits of developing people, particularly women in the resources sector. She successfully presented her case to her senior management colleagues who fully endorsed the program, and ultimately to the St Barbara Board.

A package of targeted policies and procedures was implemented to effectively close the pay equity gap which included achieving higher female participation in the St Barbara workforce.  Over six years targets were consistently exceeded with regular upward revisions to the long-term targets adopted by the Board.