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Executive Coaching

Secure the guidance and training you want but don't receive

  • Do you want to amplify your impact as an executive or an aspiring executive?
  • Are you in an executive role (or want to secure an executive role) and unsure of what is required of you?
  • Are you not getting the direction or development you desire?
  • Are you being held back by a lack of specific technical or leadership skills?
  • Are you failing to get the outcomes you want or are expected to get?
  • Are you afraid that you will fail or that you that you will be found out?

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, Coach on Collins can help.

Coach on Collins' executive coaching programs are for executives and aspiring executives.  Often leaders experience the above blockers to success because of a lack of guidance and training.  Long gone are the days where people had an 'apprenticeship' before progressing to the next level.  As leaders move up the corporate ladder they often find themselves expected to have all the answers but don't and, worse still, they feel they have nowhere to go for support and direction. As a result, problems like imposter syndrome, indecision and fear thrive.  This adversely impacts confidence and trust in oneself.   Coach on Collins works with executives to acquire the skills they lack and provides personalised coaching to amplify their mindsets, with improvement to confidence and success.

Executive Coaching Program

This program is for executives who want to amplify their performance in their current role and for people who aspire to executive roles. All programs include coaching through questioning and facilitation as well as mentoring through teaching and guidance. Mentoring can be provided in a wide range of areas including:

  • leadesrhip
  • goal setting
  • resilience
  • influencing
  • negotiating
  • decision-making
  • conflict management
  • developing strategy
  • presenting at all levels and a range of audiences
  • writing papers for executive teams and boards.

Programs spaces are limited and are specifically tailored to the individual.  When sponsored by the organisation, the organisational goals and requirements are also tailored to the program.  

Sessions are conducted in Melbourne face to face, or via the phone from anywhere in Australia and Skype internationally.

Selecting a Mentor

It is important when selecting a mentor that the mentor has what you desire and has been where you are.  

Coach on Collins mentors have direct experience in:

  • working with the boards of ASX-listed companies
  • supporting the work of remuneration committees of company boards
  • working as members of executive leadership teams
  • building effective relationships at all levels inside and outside the company
  • all facets of human resource management
  • managing complex organisational change programs.


These services may be accessed by individuals directly and also offered and sponsored by their employer.


Katie-Jeyn Romeyn

Meet your success
coach and mentor

Katie-Jeyn Romeyn is a Career Acceleration expert. She is passionate about equipping CEO's and Executives of organisations with strategies and skills to create successful change and helping ambitious leaders achieve then exceed their career and business goals.