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Executive Coaching & Improving Business Performance

Coach on Collins was founded by Katie-Jeyn Romeyn to help CEO's and executives improve business performance by creating ‘employer of choice’' cultures in their industry and to help CEO's, executives and ambitious leaders to become significant influencers and contributors in their chosen field.  Coach on Collins provides three closely related services – coaching, improving business performance and speaking. 

Career Acceleration

Whether you are achieving success but want to get the edge to go to the next level or you are stuck right now, we work with you to propel you forward to the next exciting phase of your career. We provide leadership coaching for CEO's, executives and ambitious leaders who want to stand out, get the recognition they have always wanted, expand their impact and elevate their career and business success.  Our unique tailored programs assist you to clarify your career goals and to develop and implement strategies to bridge the 'known' and 'unknown' gaps much faster than you would on your own.  Our services are accessed by individuals directly and also offered and sponsored by their employers.

Employer of Choice Culture

We use proven methodologies to assist CEO's and executives seeking to unlock the potential of their leaders and improve business outcomes.  These include a 5 Step Framework that consists of seven solutions that together create the blueprint to effectively create 'employer of choice' cultures.  It is widely recognised that talent management is tightly linked to organisational performance.  Increasingly, CEO's, Boards and Executives recognise diversity is a core component of talent management.  It is less widely recognised that actively managing the pay equity gap makes a substantial contribution to attracting, motivating and retaining high-performing employees and, therefore, to whole-of-entity performance.  


Does this sound like you or the people in your organisation?  Stuck, conditioned to things being the way they are, failing to identify false premises.  It is possible to break through these blockers to success and boost performance and productivity. Successful people do that.  Katie-Jeyn Romeyn shares with audiences her personal journey; the trials and triumphs.  She reveals the simple yet effective strategies that just work so that CEO's, executives and ambitious leaders can see how they can create successful change in their organisation.

Katie-Jeyn Romeyn

Meet founder
Katie-Jeyn Romeyn

Katie-Jeyn Romeyn is a Career Acceleration expert. She is passionate about equipping CEO's and Executives of organisations with strategies and skills to create successful change and helping ambitious leaders achieve then exceed their career and business goals.


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