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Inspiring successful change

Does this sound like you or the people in your organisation or industry?  Stuck, conditioned to things being the way they are, failing to identify false premises.  It is possible to break through these blockers to success and boost performance and productivity. Successful people do that.  Katie-Jeyn Romeyn shares with audiences her personal journey; the trials and triumphs.  She reveals the simple yet effective strategies that just work so that leaders and individuals at all levels can see how they can create successful change in their organisation and in their own life.

Speaking Topics

Disrupting the Pay Equity Gap

Katie-Jeyn progressed from an administrator of a mine site to executive roles in just 10 years and in doing so disrupted the pay equity gap on an individual level.  Katie-Jeyn shares with her audiences key success principles that anyone who is serious about disrupting the gap by amplifying their career fast and creating economic independence can apply. 

Improving Business Performance

Katie-Jeyn has created a system that effectively creates high performance cultures and improves overall business performance.  Katie-Jeyn shares with her audiences the three A's to closing the pay equity gap fast and a 5 Step Framework that any leader or an organisation serious about becoming an employer and investment of choice can apply.

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Current events

Ambitious Leaders Network Perth - Monthly Event

Previous events

The Women in Resources Victoria Professional Development Session - Melbourne -  March 2016

The 2015 Australian Women's Leadership Symposium - Melbourne -  July 2015

The National Employer of Choice Conference 2015 - Sydney - June 2015

The 2015 Australian Women's Leadership Symposium - Perth - May 2015

The Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA) - November 2014

CME of Western Australia - Gender Diversity Reference Group - November 2014

Mercer Rewards Forum, Panel Discussion - October 2014

The University of Western Australia - August 2013

Women in Mining and Resources Western Australia (WIMWA) - September 2012


Australian Leadership Symposium


Katie-Jeyn Romeyn

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Katie-Jeyn Romeyn

Katie-Jeyn Romeyn is a Career Acceleration expert. She is passionate about equipping CEO's and Executives of organisations with strategies and skills to create successful change and helping ambitious leaders achieve then exceed their career and business goals.


Katie-jeyn Romeyn

The 2015 Australian Women's Leadership Symposium
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